Quel Che Sarà Sarà

SARA—Scale for Assessment and Rating of Ataxia. This is an 8-item, 40-point scale. This scale assesses a single numeric value from 0 – 40 to reflect the combined severity of one’s ataxia symptoms. Increases and decreases across the eight symptoms can cancel each other out; it is perhaps expected that each symptom will worsen and not improve.

SARA is used by neurologists to assess an individual patient’s decline. People with the same score could have very different issues.

SARA is used in drug trials to assess the efficacy or effectiveness of what’s being tested, where the SARA score is susceptible to changes in different categories canceling each other out.

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Other scales

BARS—Brief Ataxia Rating Scale. This is an 8-item, 40-point scale.

ICARS—International Cooperative Ataxia Rating Scale. This is a 19-item, 100-point scale.

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