Unchained Malady

I was trying to think of funny alternative names for SCA and this song title parody jumped out at me (being that DNA exists as chains of nucleotides), so I decided to write a complete song parody. Sung to the tune of Unchained Melody.

Whoa, my alleles, my DNA
I’m getting out of touch
A long, declining time.
And time goes by so slowly
I can no longer do so much
I’m not “still fine.”
I need a cure
I need a cure
God speed a cure to me.

Lonely genomes make bad proteins, bad proteins
Bad and harmful proteins, yeah
Lonely genomes sigh
Meiosis, meiosis
Why did I inherit this? Meiosis.

[Repeat first verse]

(Meiosis refers to the cell division that results in the creation of female eggs or male sperm. My fate was sealed at that point in my mother.)

Here’s a link to the original song:

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